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You can upload files via drag and drop or by selecting files . We work with all types of files but if you have Wav. files, converting them to MP3 files is quicker in terms of uploading and downloading.

Please also fill in file details on the File Submission Form, below, to be sent alongside your file/s. If you are sending more than one file, then you only need to fill this in once, listing the names of the files you are sending. We will then let you know that your files have arrived.


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Any pertinent information you haven’t already shared with us, such as:  interview location, type of interview and number of participants, background information,  please email with details.

For Focus Groups, it is helpful for us to have a list of the names of participants.




A word for today:

Good communication, an accurate transcript and speedy turnaround. Always an excellent service, thank you.

Susan Hall
Research Assistant, University of Aberdeen