Quotes & Rates

Our rates are on a per recorded minute basis and may vary depending on the quality of the recordings. The rates below are for  interviews recorded in a quiet, indoor location and for phone-calls/VC on a clear line and are transcribed ‘intelligent verbatim*‘.

We are recognising that due to the present situation with regards to Covid-19, researchers aren’t always able to carry out their fieldwork interviews with participants in person. We are offering a reduced rate for one-one telephone/VC interviews at this time.

Two person interview (one-one/two voices) £1.25
Two person telephone/VC £1.30
Small group interview (up to four voices)




Focus Group interview (five and more)




Focus Group interview (ten and more)




Focus Group (more than fourteen) contact for rates

We will need to know the following information before issuing you a quote:

  • the hours of recorded material
  • type of interview (i.e.  1/1 or 2/3), telephone or in-person.
  • the type of location where they were recorded and whether the voices are clearly audible
  • any specific criteria applied to your transcripts

Please use the Contact Us form to send details of your interviews. For pricing, recording lengths are rounded to the nearest minute.

 * these prices refer to the standard format of ‘intelligent verbatim‘: texts don’t indicate non-lexical verbal sounds, stutters, filler words.  Repeated words and false start sentences can be edited out. Please ask for verbatim transcriptions if you require word-for-word transcriptions.

If you require time-stamping or certain criteria applied to your transcript, this will incur extra per minute costings.